Desperately Seeking Straight Hair

Straight hair in the wind

Since time immemorial, we as women have been subjecting ourselves to ironing, blow-drying and all sorts of chemicals all in the quest for straight hair. Some of us were lucky and were born with it, but to my other fuzz bucket ladies out there, I feel your pain. As a self appointed ‘Curly Sue’ I often look for ways on how to sport a long straight hair, but let it be known, it’s not an easy task..

These days, straight hair among women is no longer an impossible dream even for those who have naturally curly hair. A good number of shampoos as well as conditioning products especially prepared to help produce straight hair are available worldwide in many hair salons and even in your local Woolies. Many of these are quite effective with some brands being offered at generally more affordable prices when compared to others. In writing this post I will endeavour to find the best ways to straighten your hair and I have enlisted the help of local New Farm hairdresser Gabby from Jagged Hair and Beauty to help me wade through the dos and don’ts of hair straightening.

Blonde straight hair ponytailGabby’s first piece of advice is that it is important that the hair is brushed repeatedly while the conditioner is still on the scalp. Rinse the hair thoroughly afterwards and start brushing anew. This will help remove the tangles, but more importantly, it will encourage straightness in the hair strands.

Next she mentions that after taking a shower, the common practice is to rub the hair dry with a clean towel – Don’t do it! This has to be avoided because intense or harsh rubbing of wet hair will produce frizzes. The ideal way is to either squeeze the hair or pat this gently with a bath towel.

An additional treatment to produce straight hair is the use of a straightening gel or mousse. A relaxing cream or a leave-on conditioner is also worth considering; either way, these specialty products should be regarded as necessary supplements that can go a long way in creating that highly-desired straight hair.

Meanwhile, for those who are not into chemically-formulated hair products, the alternative is to produce straight hair the natural way. This is often safer and can even turn out to be more affordable in the long run. More importantly, this can be prepared right at home with just a few basic ingredients.

A good example of a home-based method for producing straight hair among women is the use of milk. This can be placed inside a small spray bottle filled about 1/3 through. Approximately 20 minutes prior to bathing, spray the hair thoroughly with milk and comb this several times.

Rinse the hair afterwards, and follow this up with the standard shampoo and conditioner application. After rinsing a second time, gently step out of the shower room and examine the hair. A quick brush may be the first instinct, but this is not recommended. Doing so could possibly result in hair breakage. Given this, brushing should be done only after several minutes and the strokes should be gentle.

A more complicated but natural way to produce straight hair is by preparing a coconut milk and lemon juice solution. The juices of one large lemon should be squeezed into one coconut milk cup. Place this uncovered inside the refrigerator for several hours until a creamy topping develops.

Coat the hair with the creamy mixture with a view to squeezing out the excess juices from the hair strands. Get a warm and wet towel afterwards to cover the hair. This should be maintained for at least 15 minutes.

After rinsing, use a regular shampoo with conditioner to wash the hair. After the second rinse, use a blow dryer by carefully pointing this downward and away from the hair roots. This particular action will help the hair strands become dry in the desired direction.

Of course if this all sounds like too much effort to fit into your already time poor schedule then you have two options, either be proud of the curly locks you’ve been blessed with, or pop in and see the girls at Jagged Hair and Beauty New Farm at 3/110 Macquarie Street, Teneriffe Brisbane or get in touch with them on +61 7 3252 5032 or via their Google+ Page. Gabby and the team at Jagged have been looking after by untameable locks for many years and i highly recommend a visit to their hair salon if you get the chance.