Spring Carnival Fashion Tips

With the spring race season approaching rather quickly, the concept of trends to wear for events can be overwhelming if not confusing. Whether you’re just beginner or a regular attendee, selecting the ultimate fashion is no easy task. But worry no more since are providing you with killer tips to help you look conspicuously sophisticated, fabulous and stunning this time around:

Spring Carnival Outfit Tips

Try millinery

Millinery is not only a heap of fun to wear, but a tradition for these events. It may appear a vintage, but putting it on brings a feel of originality to the event. The beauty with millinery is that you can select from a range of accessories. You may choose a hat or crown, and you’ll definitely set a tone for your outfit. You can choose Melbourne Cup Hats abundant in colour and texture to pull off a classic look.

Spring Carnival LookComplete your style

Apart from being just an event, it’s time to show off your taste of fashion. Having a complete look from head to toe will be the best way to stand out from the rest. This should start with your makeup and the hair accessories that you choose. Everything that you wear should complement the rest of the outfit. The bottom line should be keeping everything simple- remember it’s an outdoor event.


This is another accessory that you must get right. Whether it’s flats or high heels footwear should complement the entire look, and if you get it wrong, you’ll have destroyed all the handwork put on other parts. It should also show simplicity and a great taste of fashion. Footwear should also provide absolute comfort considering that you’ll pretty much stand in them all day. Consider block heel for comfort and convenience.

Dress for Your Body Shape

Spring Carnival OutfitThis is one mistake that many people make. Don’t be tempted to wear an outfit just because it looks great on someone or it’s the latest fashion trend. Every design work for a particular type body and thus you should only wear what complements your body. If possible have your designer make something that you’ll super comfortable in.

Avoid the Mini Dress

This is a general when it comes to spring carnivore race events. This is done for obvious reasons- comfort and having fun to the fullest. It’s also considered as race etiquette considering that this is a family event and everyone needs to feel comfortable. If at all you feel going a little shorter, opt for a fuller skirt so that you can move around effortlessly.



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