Summer Fashion Trends: What’s Hot this Season

Scorching sunny days, tan lines, crowded beaches, and coastal getaways are some of the familiar elements we associate with summer. Summer is a much-loved season, not only because of the weather but also because it is when Australians get the most holiday time. Whether its time away from your studies or time away from work, everybody enjoys the break they get when the weather is at its peak.

Summer is also a time for fashion. People spending their leisure time out and about on their holidays want to look good doing it. You might be at the beach or having coffee with friends, but you never know just whom you might bump into so you always want to look your stylish best. While the trends of the northern hemisphere usually dictate what is in vogue for us each season, Australians like to put a ‘downunder’ twist on things which gives us our own distinctive style.

So What’s Hot this Summer?


Maxi dresses are back this Summer.

Dressing with style this summer does not mean you need to follow magazine fashions tips and buy the latest summer collections. Find out what suits your body shape and style and adapt it to form your own look. One of summer’s must have items a sexy bikini will always be in fashion; when in doubt however, go back to basics. While it may sound like a cliché’ for a fashion blog to be talking about summer bikinis, no other outfit is more synonymous with the season.

The fashion world never runs out new bikini styles. While string, tassled and push up bikinis are all popular this season, its more important you find a swimsuit that works with your body shape to make you look good and feel great. Take a look online for a huge selection of ideas and styles and choose the best style and color that fits your personality.

Maxi dresses and floral design are also must haves this summer for those times when you’re not strutting your stuff on the beach. Maxis are always a summer favourite and will keep you cool while you’re looking hot! Another important accessory this season are fashion sunglasses. A simple pair of sunglass can change your look entirely so use this to your advantage!

What’s Not?

Too short? We think so.

Too short? We think so.

It is a big faux pas to overdo summer fashion. This time of the year requires some skin exposure to flaunt your sun-kissed skin so don’t get carried away and cover up too much. Summer is unique in the fact that it is the only season when the less you wear the more fashionable you become. Some girls take this a bit too far though, so keep in mind that you don’t want to show too much off, either!

Summer is also a time when it’s important to keep make-up usage to a minimum. Guys love girls who are confident and don’t need layer upon layer of makeup to maintain a healthy self esteem. The same goes with accessories and jewellery. This summer remember that you are flaunting your own gorgeous self and not your necklaces or earrings.

This summer, keep up to date with what’s in vogue but wear it your own special way. The bottom line is you need to work out what type of outfits best suit your personality. Don’t immediately assume that summer collections from the runway are the best stuff for you. The people in the fashion world set the trends; if it suits you then wear it but if it doesn’t then don’t force it. Summertime is meant to be a fun time. Get outdoors, put on some sunscreen and wear sexy summer outfits, put on your best smile, and most importantly enjoy your holidays!

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