Summer Singlets are Back!

As the temperature rises and girls heat up their wardrobes with sexy summer maxi dresses and short shorts and skirts; singlets are back in season for the boys. This year though it’s not just the boys who are wearing printed, designer singlets. Girls too are wearing flirty singlet styles that keeps them looking cool with the latest in summer fashion.

menssingletThe regular look for summer is usually vibrant and attention grabbing, a welcome alternative to the often dreary and pastel colours of winter. Singlets are always popular in the hotter seasons because they are comfortable and keep you cool. Because the reveal a lot of skin they are a great option for a sexy summer look, and can be dressed up for that festival, or casual about-town look, or dresses down for the beach or just chilling at the mall.

Singlets have always been popular but never have there been so many varieties to choose from. They can be tight to accentuates curves, loose fitting to frees the arms and shoulders and allow good airflow, or even have an open back for that sexier look. Some singlets are designed to show off cleavage giving the perfect flirty look for summer. Loose fitting singlets offer great circulation, so many people choose to wear them not just during the day but also on those hot summer nights.

For the boys, singlets show off their arms, shoulders, chest and biceps. You’ll notice all the guys at the gym and at festivals wearing singlets to show off their sculptured bodies, no other piece of clothing does it so well. Many designer brands are releasing their new styles for summer and brightly designed t-shirts and singlets are all the rage. One local designer who has really been getting a lot of attention with their festive t shirts and singlets is Fly Peacock. Their t shirts and singlets feature loud prints, and their vibrant styles and custom fit offers something a lot of other designers are trying to emulate.

bohosingletWe spoke with Maka from Fly Peacock about the success of his summer 2015 range. “We’ve had a lot of interest this summer for our singlet and t shirt designs, not just from guys but from girls as well.” He said. “Some of them have been buying them for their boyfriends but more than half have been purchasing them for themselves. The wearing-oversized-boys-clothing look is really coming back this season it seems, and doing it with singlets gives it a sexy edge.” That said, if you want something a bit more feminine, check out the range from Gold Coast retailer, The Freedom State.

Their range of boho singlets and t- shirts has some of a sultry, girly feel and is sure to get you some extra attention from the boys this summer season. Whatever look it is you choose, make sure you wear it with confidence. Nothing looks sexier than someone who believes in their own sense of style. Bring on the summer!





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