Trending Summer 2017 Sunhats

Very soon we will be ushering in summer, and we’ll be out there basking in the sun and flocking the beach. It’s time to let go the chilly season and enjoy the season like never before. How well prepared are you for the hot season? Do you know what’s the trending summer fashion right now? Having all the best bikinis, shorts and sneaker may not be enough – you may have forgotten one important thing- the sunhat. With the summer comes sunny beaches thus the need to have your face and eyes protected from the direct sunlight. But a hat is not just a hat- it should come with class and fashion. Here are the best trending sunhats that you should have in your 2017 summer wardrobe.

Best Summer Sunhats This 2017

1.    Janessa Leone hat

Janessa Leone hatThis is a classic and elegant sun hat that you should add to your summer wardrobe.  From its designs, it’s a clear definition of skills and fashion. The hat is hand braided a thing that makes it stand out particularly with the arrangement of its straws. It comes with a large brim, and thus it will provide you with adequate shade to cover your face, ears, head and neck from the direct sun rays. It’s a great summer piece accessory to add to your wardrobe.

2.    House of Lafayette hat

House of Lafayette has a beautiful sun hat collection that you should consider while shopping for summer. One thing that you will like about this hat is the size of its brim- it’s the perfect thing that you need to have your entire face, head and neck protected harmful sun rays. The hat strands are weaved in a way that they allow air to move freely inside the head even when you are wearing. Don’t worry about sweating since the hat’s bucket is design for adequate air circulation. It’s the kind of material and design that will remain trendy for more than one season, and thus it’s worth spending your money on.

3.    Missoni Mare hat

For those who are more interested in blocking the sun rays completely from their face, Missoni Mare sunhat is precisely what they need. The hat is designed with a wide brim that ensures 100 per cent protection from the sunlight. You will also like the variety of colours that the hats come with- whether you need black, white, striped or red colour, you have a broad range to select from. Apart from that, the hat comes with a strong taste of fashion that will make you stand out from the common sunhats.

4.    Eugene Kim hat

Eugene Kim hatSample the best of fashion and class by having this hat in your summer wardrobe. The sunhat is not only classy but also provides maximum protection to face, ears and neck from direct sun rays. One thing that stands out from this hat is the quality of the material and creativity employed designing it. It is among the few hats that will serve you more than one summer. In fact, you will be impressed by how the hat will last. The brim is very wide, and thus you will enjoy having fun out on the beach or just hanging around without the worries of sunburns.

5.    Gigi Burris

If you are looking for that will shade your face, neck, head and ears, then Gigi Burris is precisely what you are looking for. It’s a hat that’s not only designed to offer protection but also enhance your fashion taste. The hat is hand braided with strands of variety colours that gives it an eye-catching appearance. It comes with a large brim and a spacious bucket that allows for adequate air circulation. It is a classy and elegant hat that you should add to your summer wardrobe.

These are some of the five trending sunhats that you should have in your wardrobe for this summer. Just like fashion jewelleries, they are classy and elegant hats that will enhance your sense of fashion while shading you from harmful sun rays. Need more fashion tips? Check our previous articles. 

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