Trendy Hair Accessories 2017 To Try Out

When it comes to hair accessories, 2017 started off on a high note. The latest fashion trends have been awesome, and one thing that has remained consistent is their class and taste of fashion. The upcoming styles have been impressive, and we can say without an iota of doubt that this year could be the biggest regarding hair accessories. Fashion lovers have gone beyond the imaginable creativity to come up the crazy but glamorous styles that are already dominating the runways and fashion industry at large. Here are some of the main trendy hair accessories 2017 to try out.

Best Hair Accessories for 2017

1.    Headbands

HeeadbandsCall it vintage or whatever you like but it indisputably one of the trending in 2017. In fact, it has been trendy and expected to remain dominant in the fashion industry. The glamour that comes with the hair accessory will make it remain trendy throughout the year and possibly beyond 2017. Its versatility is something that has excitement from many people- can be combined with different kinds of outfits both official and casual. The introduction of the bejewelled headbands has also fuelled the demand for the accessory. They are available in different designs and colours thus you have broad choice to select from.

2.    Hairpins

Their small sizes have been cited as the main reason why many people are opting for these hair accessories. They are very light and rarely will they disturb you. They can hold the firm hair firmly the whole day. Hairpins are available in cleverly and eye catching shapes- this is one of the reasons that makes them stand out. They’re also available in different colours, and thus you can select ones that works for your hair and the outfits you are wearing. Hairpins’ versatility is another reason that has kept their trend steady this year. You can wear them with any kind of outfit and for any event or occasion and still pull off an elegant look. There are numerous brands to select from in the Australian market.

3.    Floral hair accessories

They may appear a vintage style, but floral hair accessories have resurrected. They trend started picking up over the spring, and it’s picked to remain relevant throughout the summer to the end or beyond 2017. In fact, it is expected to hit the runways for longer beyond 2017. One thing that stands out from this trend is the freshness. The floral nature of the accessory makes it possible to be combined with a broad range of outfits. Floral hair accessories are also available in different designs and styles giving you a vast range to select from. You can go for the colours that will combine best most of your outfits.

4.    Big Bold Bows

Big BowsThis is another trend that has surprised us all.  The comeback of the bows in hair accessories has been received well by the fashion industry. Though it started trending over the spring, the moment seems to beyond the summer and probably throughout 2017. The best thing about the big bold bows is the fact that they can be DIY accessories.  You make use of the remaining piece of your designer’s cloth to make a nice bow. There are many places to find these bows in Brisbane and Australia at large. You don’t need to go expensive but just play around with colours to pull off a classic look.

5.    Bandanas and Headwraps

Bandanas and head-wraps made a comeback from the start of the year and but made a statement over the spring. Although the trend could have been influenced by the chilly season, it is expected to continue trending throughout the summer and possible up to the end of this year. Summer will the perfect time when the trend is expected to hit all times high this year. This is from the fact that bandanas and head wraps are more fashionable with the casual dressing that’s popular with the summer season. Their versatility is one of the main reasons why they are expected to remain trendy throughout the year.

These are some of the main trending hair accessories that you should have in your wardrobe this year. Their sense of fashion and style will definitely make you stand out from the common jewellery. Other trending hair accessories you should try include pretty ribbons, branded scrunches and bejewelled hair clips. Need more tips? You may also want to read this 14 Pieces of Fashion Advice.

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