Why Waxing is Still Number 1 in Hair Removal

Leg Waxing

Waxing remains the number one method for hair removal for the simplest reason, it last longer. Waxing, unlike shaving, removes hair at the root instead of the surface. While the recommended frequency for waxing is around every four weeks (and over time as you begin to experience less hair growth this could even be five to six weeks) shaving can last as little as 24 hours if you want to maintain that baby soft feel.

The Pros of Waxes

If you have thick hair or darker hair on your legs, you likely find yourself shaving two to three times a week or opting for the unsexy feel of wearing pants to save yourself the agonizing and time consuming chore of shaving. Without having to shave, you’ll save so much time in the shower, you’ll likely see a significant decrease in your water bill (eco-friendly perks!). Another plus to waxing is if you’re prone to ingrown hairs from shaving, waxing will eliminate most, if not all of them! Pulling in again at that number one spot in hair removal, waxing is perfect for the nether regions as it can get to all of those hard to reach areas between the cheeks. 

The Cons of Waxing

The cons to waxing are easily resolved. While everyone knows that ripping hair by the root out of sensitive parts of your body will hurt, by choosing an experienced professional instead of going to any old salon or doing it at home, a number of steps will be taken to eliminate your pain. Experienced professionals will prep the skin beforehand and soothe the skin post-wax. All-natural wax is less harsh on the skin and your professional can offer to apply an anesthetic cream beforehand to numb your pain.

Waxing Armpits and Legs

Additionally, when you schedule your appointment your experienced technician will provide valuable information and tips to make sure your waxing goes as smoothly as possible such as how long your appointment will take, a reminder to exfoliate before you go (removing dead skin cells and reducing your chance of ingrown hairs), and to make sure your hair is long enough for your waxing. Plus, when you get to pay someone else to do your waxing it requires you zero effort! It’s just another way to pamper yourself saving you time, energy, and money.

Why Waxing is The Best Choice

Compared to some of the other most popular hair removal methods, waxing is the way to go. Intense pulsed light (IPL) has better reviews than laser hair removal because of its results.

IPL has been very effective at permanently removing hair growth but you have to go 6-8 times (after your first session) with intervals of 8-12 weeks. This requires a large amount of money and patience that most people don’t have.  Additionally, IPL is not effective for people with white, gray, or red hair. It can also be painful, have a number of side effects, and you need to check with your doctor before determining if it’s right for you.

For IPL, the cons outweigh the pros. Laser hair removal, which will eliminate your need to shave (although it doesn’t get rid of hair entirely) is slightly less painful than waxing but again it’s a very long and expensive process. Furthermore, it can leave burn marks or scars on your body if done by an untrained technician. Electrolysis is extremely painful (a tiny needle is stuck into each hair follicle) so it’s not worth considering. Sugaring is the other hair removal method that has become increasingly popular due to it being more cost effective than many other methods and using organic and natural products.

Facial Hair Waxing

If applied at the wrong temperature though it can scald your skin and it is not recommended for people with sensitive skin. Sugaring is considered an alternative to waxing but the hair needs to be longer before it can be yanked out (stuck being hairy even longer). It uses a gel as compared to wax and is much more expensive than wax when done at a salon.  The final method of hair removal worth mentioning, which we’ve all used, is shaving.  Shaving is quick, cheap, and painless and therefore can still be used for quick touch ups when in a bind but it comes with razor burn, razor bumps, hair often grows back thicker, and smooth skin will only last a few hours. As shown here, when it comes to the best method for hair removal care, waxing still reaps the most benefits and bang for your buck.

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