Women’s Outerwear Fashion Trends of 2016

I know every girl wants a perfect wardrobe with fresh silhouettes and quality pieces. Be bold and try those silk bombers or snakeskin mules. With every year, fashion trends change and every girl desires to update her wardrobe with the latest and freshest clothing.

light poncho 2016There are a wide collection of women’s outwear in the market, If you really want to follow the fashion trends, then you should really go through our amazing list of striking styles that you will see throughout year.


Usually, women’s outerwear is available in a variety of shapes, colours, cuts and patterns. It doesn’t matter how much you want to spend, you will surely find one for your budget. Really, believe me! Ponchos and capes are amazing outerwear that can make you look gorgeous anytime. Both of these are made of thick material and make you feel warm when you throw them on. I must say that capes or solid colour ponchos can perfectly fit any sort of outfit, no matter whether it’s formal or casual.


biker style leather jackets 2016Biker style leather jackets are one of outerwear options that draw the attention of almost everyone that looks your way. Here, you can get a look at the marvellous 2016 styles that can be worn from Monday to Sunday. You just need to keep some factors in mind while choosing a biker style leather jacket. Style, cut, fit and colour play an important part in how to wear this jacket.  This leather jacket is the perfect piece for getting that urban look. Today’s collection of jackets feature spectacular zipper details, asymmetrical front sides, cool collars and variety of embellishments.


If you’re a fan of the military trend, you should really take a look at the cool army outerwear compilation that you can try in 2016. You’ll find a stunning collection of army outerwear such as coats, cargo toppers, trench-coats and jackets. This collection is really exciting to wear and definitely breaks the mould. Most of the people like this trend because of its versatility and functionality. Army outerwear can easily fit with your separates and favourite dresses. Wearing khaki toppers and camo will help you create an interesting look. Believe me, almost every military outerwear piece can give you fabulous look.


These stunning blazers always remain trendy and in 2016 these are going to be on trend again. You will surely get a variety of beautiful and fresh designs in 2016 so keep an eye out.Blazers can give you a fabulous look if worn in a fashionable way.

bomber jacket silk 2016Most of the women love to wear this garment as it can fit perfectly in any occasion and is able to turn any sort of your simple outfit into a street chic one. Usually, most girls like bright colour pairings.


The bomber jacket has freshly taken over the globe but this year these jackets take on a fresh twist delivering new silhouettes and unusual colours. Whether embroidered or oversized, the beauty is in the details in 2016.

So get exploring my fellow fashionistas! There are plenty of styles out there for you to try so don’t hold back. We’re always looking for more inspiration to fill our blog so if you find any awesome resources be sure to add them in the comment section!

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